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Have a little patience.

I was reminded yesterday of the importance of patience and consideration.

Taking my son to swimming a fellow parent was ranting and complains because she couldn’t get into the changing rooms early to get her kids ready. Perhaps there were extenuating circumstances but the instructions are quite clear - bring your kids changed and ready to swim, to be let in five minutes ahead of the lesson.

As mentioned there could have been reasons why the kids weren’t ready but taking her anger out on the staff and not having the patience to wait a little longer seemed somewhat unreasonable to me.

On the one hand it made me reflect on the importance of patience and time passing (hence the image of the inner workings of the clock). However, I was also reminded of the need to appreciate the other people’s situation.

  • One - perhaps she was being unreasonable

  • Two - perhaps I was being unreasonable

We must always remember that we don’t know what another individual’s circumstances are. We must not judge others by our own standards, we must not measure them against what we would do in a specific situation.

As a solution focused hypnotherapist I don’t judge anyone coming into my clinic or online sessions. I patiently listen, allow them to take their time, share what they need and explore their solutions in a positive way, driven by their goals and desires. It is this approach that ensures ongoing success and a truly positive client / therapist relationship.

Adam Baggs Hypnotherapy offers solution focused hypnotherapy in Cirencester as well as online hypnotherapy. Learn more about what I can help with here.

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