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How Much Are You Getting – Part 1

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

It is truly amazing the amount we can achieve through better sleep.

I hope everyone has felt the physical benefits of a good night’s rest. However, it is also incredibly beneficial for our mental health. Good sleep with the right balance of light, deep and REM sleep helps us empty our stress buckets and keep on top of life.

Before I go further, I should take a moment to explain the stress bucket – although, hopefully it’s clear from the name. Stress is often misunderstood, and we shouldn’t assume all forms of stress are bad. Much like putting muscles under stress in the gym to build them up, a little bit of stress is good for us. It gets us up in the morning, ensures we earn enough to feed ourselves and keeps us safe. However, in addition to this useful stress, each negative thought and anxiety we have gets stored in our stress bucket. It builds over time – work issues, family problems, Covid19 uncertainty, money trouble… the list goes on. Each of these negative thoughts and worries, plus many other factors individual to each of us, slowly fill the bucket until it overflows – which is when people tend to have panic attacks, anger issues or depressive episodes.

Good sleep is not the cure-all or a panacea, but it can make a huge difference, in many cases giving us the space we need to get on top of things. It helps above all else by shifting some of our stress out of the bucket via REM sleep. Effectively, at night, we re-run the events of the day either in a direct or metaphorical way and turn them from emotional memories to narrative memories, where we have control.

You will have experienced it plenty of times. The idiot that upsets you in the afternoon at work – you moan about it to your other half, family or mates who think you are overreacting and tell you to forget about it – but you can’t. You are still thinking about it at bedtime but through REM you take control of the issue and move it to your intellectual brain. In the morning you have either forgotten it or wonder why it bothers you in the first place.

Unfortunately, REM is limited in terms of how much we get so it doesn’t always clear everything out of the bucket, which is why there are many other positive practices that can help our mental health. One of which I am of course an advocate of is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. However, REM sleep is free, it is natural and it is a great place to start. So if you are looking to sleep better let me know as I offer both online hypnotherapy and hypnotherapy in Cirencester, which can significantly improve sleep.

Adam Baggs Hypnotherapy offers solution focused hypnotherapy in Cirencester as well as online hypnotherapy. Learn more about what I can help with here.

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