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How Much Are You Getting – Part 2

Almost every single client I see says in the first session they sleep poorly and wish they had better rest. That changes over time but it is very easy to identify a few areas that can help improve sleep.

Screen time – we all know we should have less of it and certainly not before we sleep. However, it doesn’t stop us having that last flick through Facebook, watching yet another episode of Line of Duty or sending just one more text. Switch them off earlier and leave them outside the bedroom if possible – certainly using a phone as an alarm next to the bed is a poor choice.

Booze – no you don’t sleep well after a heavy night out – you are basically unconscious. Alcohol and drugs hugely impact our sleep and also cause myriad other chemical imbalances. Trying to tell some people around the festive season not to drink is like trying to stop the tide with a sieve – but a bit of moderation wouldn’t harm any of us.

Bedding – chances are high that, if you are in a relationship, it gets washed more regularly than if not. Either way, clean fresh bedding helps sleep and so does a good mattress. Never consider a mattress to be an expense – view it as an investment. Genuinely ask yourself how much you would pay for a good night’s sleep. Would you pay 50p a night to sleep better? That’s roughly £1,250 over the average seven-year lifespan of a mattress.

Light and temperature are a minefield if sharing with someone but in general it is better to have the room cool and dark rather than light and hot.

This year’s Olympics once again highlighted the benefits of marginal gains - those small, simple practices that can help us improve one step at a time. Better sleep can significantly improve mental health – so start looking for those little ways to improve yours and see how quickly everything else follows suit.

And if you are looking to sleep better let me know as I offer both online hypnotherapy and hypnotherapy in Cirencester, which can significantly improve sleep.

Adam Baggs Hypnotherapy offers solution focused hypnotherapy in Cirencester as well as online hypnotherapy. Learn more about what I can help with here.

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