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Let me be your support crew

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

I have now completed the Devises to Westminster Canoe Race 4 times. The first was when I was just 14, with a friend from school. The most recent was just a few years ago. It is a gruelling non-stop, 125 mile race. Along the route you have to deal with bad weather, fatigue, locks, weirs and a particularly nasty swan called Sid.

The only way to finish is with a dedicated and focused Support Crew. They know your end goal is to get to Westminster and they will do everything they can to help you get there. On my most recent attempt this included spoon feeding me noodles at 4am somewhere near Teddington, strapping up my wrists to stop tendonitis and most amusingly - undressing and reclothing me in a park somewhere near Henley in the middle of the night when my hands were too cold to do the job myself.

Adam marathon canoeing

As a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist I am part of your Support Crew. You have a goal and a desire, a need to overcome a challenge or a phobia and I am here to support you through that. I don't tend to have any noodles in the therapy room but I can promise an unwavering focus on supporting you through to the finish line.

It's not just your Support Crew that counts though - its also the people around you. On the 24 hour race you have a partner and inevitably at some point you will both need to push the other person on and keep them going. I was lucky enough on my most recent effort to paddle with Rog' a "DW" veteran. We both had our ups and downs but we got through it together. Lot's of Positive Interaction, Postive Action and Positive Thought kept us moving forward, on the pace and against the wind and rain. Maybe you have a partner in your team, maybe you have friends and family - they will also be there ensuring you succeed.

We finished the race in 24 hours and 11 minutes. In case you are wondering... the 11 minutes very much counts as "unfinished business."

Adam Baggs Hypnotherapy offers solution focused hypnotherapy in Cirencester as well as online hypnotherapy. Learn more about what I can help with here.

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