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Plans for the weekend?

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

As a rule, I don't look at the weather forecast - it just seems to be wrong too often. That's no criticism just a recognition of the fact meteorologists are constantly trying to predict forces of nature.

In fact, I think I really stopped paying attention about 20 years ago when I was becalmed on a sailing boat in the bay of Fundy, off the coast of Canada’s Grand Manan Island. According to the shipping forecast we should have had 15-20 knot winds... but it was dead calm and all we could hear was the rigging of the boat rattling.

Things have changed more recently though, and Positive Thought has become more and more important for me. Looking forward and looking for opportunities to "do stuff" is often weather dependant - or at least my choices of what "stuff" are!

So, this weekend... it might chuck it down with rain - which means proposals more time indoors... or it might snow... sledging here we come.

I love the idea that I can think and plan and create positive thoughts about two totally different eventualities. It means no matter what happens with the weather I have options and can't wait for the fun times ahead.

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