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The 3Ps you can use during lockdown 2.0

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

During most client sessions I at some point refer to the three Ps.

  • Positive Action

  • Positive Interaction

  • Positive Thought

I do know how hard it is for so many people right now. Looking ahead to the rest of four weeks where life will once again be very different. However, you made it through the spring lock-down, you learnt, you adapted, and that means you do have the tools and resources necessary to get through this one.

The best thing about the three Ps is that you are probably already doing them but just don’t realise it. However, it is worth taking some time to reflect and think about how you can schedule some time for each one, each day…

Positive Action – getting up, stretching, stepping outside the front door and taking a deep breath are all forms of positive action. If you are so inclined you can go that little bit further and take a walk, run, ride, paddle – or whatever your preferred form of exercise looks like (within the rules of course).

I would encourage everyone to at least step outside their front (or back) door and breathe some fresh air each day – but if yoga and the home gym are your thing – then go with whatever works for you. If motivation is lacking, then check out the plethora of HITT sessions online; see what your gym classes look like through the TV or try out an online dance class. There is also the fabulous Couch to 5k app that so many people have benefitted from.

Positive Interaction – I know we are all sick of Zoom, Teams and Facetime, but they do provide an opportunity to hang out with friends, family and even colleagues. Book a few in the diary, ensure you have a couple of catch ups planned in advance – all the more important if you live alone. If you share your house with others, plan more than evenings staring at Netflix.

Also, don’t forget, there are other ways to interact within the rules. Perhaps you are part of a support bubble? Maybe you can take advantage of the allowance for exercising outside with someone else. Or my personal favourite… as long as it isn’t raining I like to enjoy a morning coffee sitting outside my front door chatting to the neighbours as they wander by.

Positive Thought – well firstly, if you are planning on doing any of the above, are thinking about them and looking forward to them, you have already hit this goal. However, there is always time to find a little more positive thought and you don’t need to be into meditation or similar to achieve it. A couple of thoughts:

  • Look for patterns in the clouds – if you have kids their results can be truly inspired

  • Look more closely at the architecture on the buildings around you

  • Pick up that book you have been meaning to finish

  • Put pen to paper and write a poem or letter

It’s worth noting that you can also so easily blend the 3Ps. Walking with someone, whilst looking at the clouds is just one example.

I would love to see your positive thoughts, interaction and action so please do share them with me on social media over the days ahead.

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