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The story behind the picture

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

I love this pic because of the tale that it doesn’t tell.

surfing the Gower

Last year I decided to learn to surf alongside my son. Being 9 and fearless he took to it in about 5 mins… I took somewhat longer but did get there in the end.

This was our last day of lessons - when we were being taught by “the apprentice instructor” - a situation which initially annoyed me because I thought we were being fobbed off with a junior employee.. until I realised he was actually a champion surfer learning to teach.

Lessons 1 & 2

Don't make assumptions based on a very small amount of information. Once I realised just who was teaching us the opportunity to let my son have pretty much a one-to-one with a champion surfer was not to be missed.

Even apprentices have much to teach. Life experience and transferable skills can take you such an incredibly long way in life. They can help you change career, grow in your current role and achieve far more than you realise - so make the most of them.

Back to the picture...

It looks fab doesn't it? Both of us on the boards - about to leap to our feet and ride the wave - just like Point Break without the dodgy hair and 90's power music. The reality though is that seconds after this picture was taken I fly off into the wave as I try to get on my feet, whilst my son cruises on to the shoreline looking 1,000 times cooler than his old man.

Lessons 3 & 4

Don't believe everything you see in pictures - particularly on social media. It is so easy to get drawn into a world of make-believe and assume everyone else is leading some amazing life... when the reality is a well timed pic and a good filter! Focus on your own life and values and what you are looking to achieve, unburdened by the desire to match others and their perfectly filtered pictures.

The best place to live is now, in the moment, where all is real. Who knows what might happen next. Enjoy it and make the most of it. Relish being present. True you will sometimes fall into the water - but with the right support, teachers and just a little bit of experience you will find yourself riding most of the waves all the way to shore.

Oh and lesson 5... I need more surf lessons!

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