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The Three Ps in one sticky, chocolatey, biscuity mixture of awesomeness

Sometimes positive action, interaction and thought can be a little hard to achieve. Sometimes they present themselves in unusual and unexpected ways…

This last weekend I camped in the garden with my son Tristan – and as far as I am concerned it isn’t camping without milk chocolate hobnobs (other oat biscuits are available). However, as we had a lovely open fire going in the pit we decided to go one step further and make s’mores.

For the uninitiated you make a s’more by toasting a marshmallow then squashing it with chocolate between two digestive biscuits. There are different schools of thought on the type of chocolate, whether it’s appropriate to use chocolate covered biscuits versus pieces of chocolate and of course how long to toast your marshmallow. However, the principal is the same and any form of sticky chocolatey goodness is a win!

We chose to do something different and mix the love of a chocolate hobnob with the concept of a s’more…. The result was epic… and a few days later, on reflection a perfect opportunity to experience the Three Ps

  • Positive Action – building a fire, setting up the tent, camping and actually making the s’mores.

  • Positive Interaction – doing it all with Tristan whilst laughing and teasing each other – particularly when I inevitably set fire to a marshmallow and the stick it was cooking on.

  • Positive Thought – it was impossible not to be happy, reflect on how much fun we were having and look forward to the future.

I am so grateful to have had yet another great adventure with Tristan. Camping, marshmallows and fires may not be your thing, but we can all derive incredible pleasure from the simple things in life. Don’t make your search for the Three Ps too hard, instead use whatever resources you have and focus on positive outcomes.

If you would like to have a chat about setting positive goals and achieving your Three Ps then please to get in touch.

Adam Baggs Hypnotherapy offers solution focused hypnotherapy in Cirencester as well as online hypnotherapy. Learn more about what I can help with here.

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