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Some of my clients have been kind enough to post positive reviews on Google - you can read them below.

Anthony - 5/5*

Adam's hypnotherapy sessions were incredibly helpful to me. During the time I was doing the sessions with him I made some really good progress with the achieving of some goals, getting certain things in my life in order, my performance at work improved and it was overall beneficial to my mental health.  If you are considering Adam's sessions, I would recommend it.

Gayle - 5/5*

I took part in Adam’s Fabulous February Hypnotherapy sessions & really enjoyed it.  It was just what I needed in these very tough & uncertain times &  Adam’s soothing voice was very calming.  I managed to reach my goal for the end of the month & it felt amazing to do this with Adam’s help.  I can highly recommend him 👍

Laura 4/5*

I had several sessions with Adam this year to help relieve some stress and anxiety I’ve been having. Adam was really nice and helpful throughout. The relaxation parts of the sessions were really good at just letting me forget about everything else going on around me which was exactly what I needed sometimes!! Would recommend 🙂

Adam - 5/5*

I went to Adam with the aim of trying to change my eating habits which in turn was to lose weight. Having been initially sceptical about this kind of thing, Adam was fantastic on explaing what he would he doing, how the process works and I was very impressed, the whole process opens up so much more than you would ever expect. His knowledge and delivery was top class. I ended up having 10 sessions with Adam and I'm currently feeling better than I have done for years. I would 100% recommend Adam's services.

Jill 5/5*

Lianne - 5/5*

Adam has been great at giving me the confidence and tools to address some issues around anxiety and dealing with situations that I found difficult.  I also found that I’m more productive everyday and finally found my inner warrior which I have used quite recently. Adams helped me get back the strength to deal with personal situations and stay focused on the positive side of life.

Catherine - 5/5*

Having sessions with Adam has really helped me over the past few months. He has a very calm and reassuring manner and I always look forward to our appointments. Highly recommend.

Debbie - 5/5*

I have recently had a hypnotherapy session with Adam for non smoking. I was quite optimistic at first  as I was a smoker for some 20 years. I am extremely pleased and proud to say that I have not smoked for 4 weeks. Thanks again Adam.

I chose to undergo hypnotherapy with Adam after I experienced my very first panic attack in June this year. I'm normally a capable and relaxed person, but the combination of a few personal setbacks, family and work issues coupled with the pandemic left me feeling very stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. My weekly sessions with Adam have helped me no end. I feel calmer, happier and more able to cope with the inevitable set backs when they do come my way. I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions too - they set me up for the week ahead and I really noticed when I missed a session.  I feel that Adam has been responsible for helping me get through this year without killing a teenage child or a husband, and setting me on a much calmer and happier course for 2021

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