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Invest in your health

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

It is amazing how we can so often, so easily persuade ourselves that investing in pleasurable and leisure activities is worth it… but the same amount of money spent on exercise and health is “too expensive”.

Pizza, takeaway, Netflix and streaming subscriptions, beer, wine, smoking, video games, clothes… I am not taking away any of these from anyone... I certainly indulge in several on occasion.

However, the idea of spending a bit of money on our health seems very difficult for so many. Add up everything you spend on the list above - the figure is probably far higher than you realise - and ask yourself whether you really should consider investing some of that in your physical and mental wellbeing.

And no this isn’t a sale pitch - because I want to focus on the physical aspect rather than positive mental health investment such as hypnotherapy.

In the picture you can see a bike and turbo trainer I recently picked up on Facebook Market place. The whole setup was less than £100 and it instantly removed all the excuses I had about not wanting to ride in the dark or the cold early mornings. I do have a mid-range road bike for going out in fine weather with my mates. However, I am definitely a fair weather rider and this keeps me moving day to day. It also adds a lot to my morning routine.

Despite being a fair weather cyclist, I am happy to go out in any weather hiking and walking with Rosie the #hypnodog. The investment there is nothing more than a waterproof coat and a reasonable pair of shoes.

Maybe running is your thing - the NHS Couch to 5k app is free and a great way to get moving. Again the only real investment to begin with is likely to be a pair of trainers, which you might already own. Perhaps you prefer the warmth and comfort of your lounge, a yoga mat and DVD. I was a huge fan of Joe Wickes during the first COVID lock down - that cost nothing more than changing the channel and the hot water for a shower after his HITT workouts.

Sure it’s possible to spend hundreds on a gym membership, home equipment and top end kit. If you are an elite athlete or serious hobbyist they all possibly make sense (lets not even discuss the money I have historically spent on canoe kit). However, in the first instance it’s more important to find a way past the barriers to exercise and health and get on with it… take Nike’s famous tag line to heart. Review your spending on the unhealthy parts of your life and question whether you can find a little bit somewhere to invest in your health… Just do it!

Adam Baggs Hypnotherapy offers solution focused hypnotherapy in Cirencester as well as online hypnotherapy. Learn more about what I can help with here.

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